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Friday, March 24, 2006

A Po’ State

A Po’ State
© 2006 Ross Williams

We will never get peace and love and harmony in the world until the goddamned christian religion stops its flagrant and bigoted attacks upon islam. Islam isn't even safe in predominately muslim nations; it's almost like there's a, a, crusade or something.

It's not bad enough that muslim nations are under attack by western military forces, they're now veritably under attack by the Holy Trinity as well.

Or, well, that might be overstating the case somewhat. In all actuality, what happened is that an Afghan citizen dared, dared I tells ya, to convert from islam to christianity.[1] This makes the citizen, Abdul Rahman, in the terms of islamic law, an apostate. Apostatism, under islamic law – as if it needs to be said at this point – is punishable by death. Actually, under islamic law, what isn’t punishable by death?

And we thought leaving the Scientology fold was tough.

The judge in the case is reportedly a reasonable man. He’s been bending over backwards to explain that islam really doesn’t hate other religions. It’s just that, doggone it, “this sort of thing is against the law”.

The law is the law, and the law defines converting to another religion as an attack on islam. Or, as the quite reasonable judge declares: “It is an attack on Islam.”

His hands are tied, I’m sure. He is, after all, only the judge here. It is the prosecutor who is seeking the death penalty. If the prosecutor wins his case – proves that Rahman is indeed a christian in a nation in which being non-muslim is often fatal – then, well, the law is the law and must be upheld.

But even the prosecutor was willing to be reasonable about it as well, and drop all charges if only the infidel apostate would convert back to islam. Rahman refused.

So, as you can see, it is not the fault of islam here; islam is a reasonable religion – a religion of peace®. It is christianity which barges in and disrupts everything, and it is the secular, liberal, Western society with its religious tolerance that presupposes people of differing religions, or even no religions[2], can all coexist. Silly Westerners.

Silly, silly Westerners.

Christianity cannot get along with anyone. That is the historical lesson here. The religion of peace® swept out of central Asia in the 800s attacking everything in their way until they got to the christian Byzantine Empire who, intractably, put up resistance. It took the religion of peace® nearly 300 years to push the intolerant and belligerent christian empire back to its capital city walls.

Just when the peace-loving and tolerant muslims thought the world was safe for everyone to love their peace and tolerate everything islamic, the various tribal kingdoms of western christendom took up arms and invaded the Turks in their religion of peace® center.

How dare the christians do such a thing? Islam is, after all, a religion of peace® – their gospels even say so – and when this religion of peace® wars with its neighbors and beheads infidels by the city square-full, it is only from the purest of motivations. However, when christianity attempts to stop the religion of peace® from accomplishing their pure and holy mission of making Europe an islamically peaceful and tolerant province of a Turkish empire, it is because christianity is, at its heart, a uniquely warlike religion.

Not at all like the religion of peace®.

To think: if only the belligerent Franks hadn’t conjured up that Crusade to stop the peaceful muslims from invading Europe in the 1100s to put an end to the warlike christians, all those who are descended from European lineage might likely be living today under the peace and tolerance so rampant across the rest of the muslim world.

If only!

Instead, we have material comforts and industry, a thriving middle class and near-universal literacy, health and technology, social liberalism and political liberties. All are symptoms of Western decadence, and just proves how corrupt Western civilization really is.

We can immediately see why the Afghan courts are doing what they’re doing. They are defending themselves against the mere existence of someone other than themselves. But this realization hasn’t stopped the corrupt and warlike Western nations from bitterly complaining to the Afghan leaders.[3] From the sounds of it, there’s at least one nation willing to forcibly halt any attempted execution of Rahman.

But then, that’s so like the West, isn’t it? We just can’t bring ourselves to leave the religion of peace® alone while it peacefully and tolerantly kills those who, say, criticize them for being indiscriminate murderers or something. How can anyone accuse fundamentalist muslims of being indiscriminate? They very clearly delineate between muslim and infidel before they do their murd… er, peaceful and tolerant holy work.

Lest anyone be motivated to criticize Afghanistan itself for perpetrating this exercise in peace and tolerance, rest assured they have nothing to do with it. Just because this case is occurring in Afghanistan, just because it is taking place in an Afghani court led by an Afghani judge being paid by the Afghani government, just because the charges were officially filed by an Afghani prosecutor employed by that self-same Afghani government, citing Afghani laws that were allegedly[4] broken, it cannot be presumed that the Afghan government is involved in any way. Afghani Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah has cautioned everyone that this case does not involve the Afghan government at all. He should know.

There; that ought to settle that. Now let’s leave them alone, shall we? They obviously know what they’re doing and aren’t grasping at straws to rationalize themselves in any way.

[1] http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,188364,00.html
[2] yes, atheists, really
[3] http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/03/21/afghan.christian/index.html
[4] another of our corrupt Western influences: I will not assume the outcome of the case before final verdict; it is still an “alleged” crime


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