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Friday, September 09, 2011

He 'R Us

We Have Met the Enemy
©2011 Ross Williams

Headline: Ex-al Qaida Terrorist Now Comic Book Hero

Article Synopsis:
Nasir Abas, a Malaysian weapons expert with the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, has become a comic book anti-terrorism hero. Some of the hoodlums he trained blew up the night club in Bali, and Abas turned state’s evidence after he was caught. He has since become animated in “I Have Found the Meaning of Jihad”, a 137-page comic novella, which is given to school children in Indonesia.

A story as old as time: Abas grew up in an islamic boarding school of the same sort our very own National Savior attended, where Abas was schooled in the fine art of hesperophobia – “hatred of westerners”. Obama apparently signed up for the elective community organization class instead, though he seems naturally talented at undermining Western civilization in his own right.

Having no place to go after graduation, as hesperophobes refuse to work in Nike factories for five times the average wage he would otherwise earn, Abas wandered into a Jemaah Islamiyah recruiting center, signed on, and learned a trade. His trade was blowing things up.

As terrorist outfits go, Jemaah is very run-of-the-mill and generic. They have no presence outside the southeast Asian muslim world, and were virtually unknown except by the types of terror groupies that inhabit the dank and secretive bunkers of anti-terrorism agencies. Jemaah is essentially an Indonesian street gang looking for validity as they aimlessly mope around in their clubhouse.

And they found validity. In 1998 Osama bin Laden called a fatwa on everything western and particularly on the United States which is the most western of the westerns, and Jemaah Islamiyah said, “Hey, that sounds like fun!” As a result, Jemaah is described as an “al Qaida-related terrorist group” by that class of ideologue that seeks to make al Qaida more than it is. At the same time it is denied this al Qaida relation by that other class of ideologue which seeks to trivialize the essential sameness among all “terrorists” who share the pan-islamist ideology. ...which is to say, all of them. There are hundreds of these groups.

When the Bali nightclub was bombed we fell all over ourselves screaming “Al Qaida!! Al Qaida!!” “Jemaah Islamiyah” just doesn’t roll off the tongue of a panicky population.

Conclusion: Good for him; Abas has discovered “the true meaning of Jihad” after all, and his heart grew four sizes that day. Lucky him, he gets to carve the roast beast.

Headline: ‘Fast and Furious’ Guns found at AZ Crime

Article Synopsis:
This is the third “Furious” weapon found in US crimes since Shyster General Holder’s cowboy plot was found out. There’s hundreds more where they came from. Holder has denied that he, or anyone higher than he, ever, ever knew of “Fast and Furious”. Pinky swear.

A Fistful of Dollars: So we have confirmed, once again, what we already knew: Mexican drug gangs use automatic weapons in their drug running activities, and those activities start in Mexico and leak across the US border where they affect Americans.

Also of note is that this gun – an AK-47 – was found not in a shoot ‘em up, but in a stolen truck being stopped by Arizona police. The driver of the truck attempted to escape and crashed into two cop cars doing so. This happened in March of 2010, and was only confirmed by embarrassed federal weenies this week.

Conspicuously absent from this Keystone Cop short is the federal civil rights lawsuit against Arizona for attempting to apprehend a criminal, simply because he was driving a stolen truck. The driver, Angel Hernandez Diaz, may have been a Mexican national, and stopping Hispanic-looking individuals in AZ has been deemed “racist” by those who believe that our southern border in Arizona should remain porous.

Conclusion: Follow the money. Mr Holder, what did you know and when did you know it. And before you answer, uncross your fingers.

Headline: NYC, DC on Alert as Feds Chase ‘Credible’ Threat

Article Synopsis:
While our terror groupies in their dark basements are always vigilant, they have issued a warning to DC and New York police to be extra suspicious this week. Nothing tangible or specific; car bombs maybe. NY Governor Cuomo gave a “statement” suggesting there was no reason to panic so long as we stay paranoid – “cautious and aware” was how he put it. Doing this will serve our “spirit of freedom”. He didn’t specify how. Big Sis Napolitano prattled about “chatter”.

843rd verse, same as the first: Among the dopey things from the Bush era that Obama thankfully rescinded was the “terror level” color system. It was dopey not because it was a kindergartenish manner of attempting to get Americans to take terrorism seriously, it was dopey because it was the federal government continually crying wolf. The method employed by Barry Hussein only removes the kindergartenism from it; they’re still crying wolf.

This wolf will magically appear on Sunday, September 11th, the 10th anniversary of 9-11.

Crying wolf does different things to different people. Some people are capable of assessing for themselves the relative risk of a given activity by the rate of danger experienced in the recent past among those doing the same activity; if airplanes have flown for ten years without being commandeered into tall buildings, then chances are pretty slim that this plane today will be commandeered into a tall building ... and they don’t want to be pestered by paranoiacs who can’t do the math on that calculation for themselves.

Other people are rendered into sniveling, paranoiac blobs who rationally should never be let out of their own houses. This second group of people routinely do leave their homes, however, and thus annoy those of relatively sound mind with their twitching “safety uber alles” tirades. This is where the government comes in.

A government which says “Everything is fine; there’s nothing for me to do” is a government that is irrelevant in the minds of those citizens who are scared of their own shadows. The main job of government in the history of human civilization is to make itself relevant. It needs to “do something”. Doesn’t matter what, usually, even if it’s counter-productive. As long as the government does something, the sniveling masses are appeased. Ergo: TSA, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, ...

… Obamacare …

Those with brains prefer that the government either do something effective or it do nothing at all, for this is a rational response. The rational are usually shouted down by those with monsters under their beds.

In order to be seen as relevant in this new age of terrorism, which has overlapped the New Age of Civility somewhat, the government is embarking upon a consistent pattern of scaring the pants off as many Americans as it can by telling those who should not leave their homes that there are not only monsters under their beds, but in the closets, cupboards, basements [or crawlspaces] and attics as well.

Conclusion: A frightened population willingly cedes power to the government. The government wants power. Do the math. One try should be enough and if it isn’t, do everyone a favor and stay home.


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