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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Non Cogito, Ergo Occupado

Non Cogito, Ergo Occupado
©2012 Ross Williams

Headline: Occupy Protest Arrests in St Louis; Some Bloodied

Article Synopsis:
A regional conference of various Occupy branches around the Midwest met in St Louis to trade notes, share information and forge “stronger ties” between groups. Fourteen of the several hundred were arrested in a city park after the park closed for trying to camp overnight and failing to leave when told. One suffered cuts to his head and another remained hospitalized. Occupy termed the arrests “shameful”; a police car suffered a smashed windshield. The movement is protesting economic injustice; they protested against the St Louis Arch one day and planned to protest against Monsanto later.

Changing the Mission: The misguided Occupy movement started as a peevishly ignorant demand for tighter government regulation over the financial industry for the abuses it perpetrated. None of them understand that the abuses it perpetrated were the result of government regulation in the first place. More regulation would just mean more of the same – and worse. But that’s okay: government can fix everything.

...which is what makes it all the more puzzling that among the protests held in St Louis for their regional conference was the St Louis Arch – a national monument patrolled by federal park rangers; as well as Monsanto, an agri-chem business which abides strictly by the same type of federal regulations that the Occupy dunces demand more of for the financial industry.

Conclusion: Far be it from me to take the cops’ side on this, but Occupy needs to pony up and buy a cop car a new windshield.

Headline: Occupy Protesters Organize for NATO Summit

Article Synopsis:
Occupy protesters declared that the G-8 summit was pulled from Chicago to be held at Camp David in May “out of fear.” The fear cited is “working-class resistance” to the world’s largest economy during an election year. Chicago’s Occupists decided against a protest that would shut down CTA during the NATO summit weekend due to the public transportation system being the primary means of transportation for Chicago’s working class ... and because the NATO ministers would have motorcades anyway. Occupy considers NATO “the military arm of G-8”.

Ignorance at Parade Rest: G-8 is seven of the world’s largest economic nations – who can generally get along with each other ... plus Russia, after Boris Yeltsin invited himself in 1997. Of the G-8 nations, two are not in NATO at all, and one of those two [Russia] spends its remaining time quibbling vociferously with NATO. Another [France] is technically a member, but doesn’t participate in anything. Of the NATO nations less than half belong to G-8. To connect NATO with G-8 is a circumstantial stretch, and verging on a conspiracy theory.

While there is much that could embarrass the White House during an election year by having anti-government protests in Obama’s [adoptive] hometown, the claim that the protests represent “working-class resistance” is obscenely laughable. The reason that Occupists have so much spare time to squat naked in the mud of city parks is that they are not, in fact, working-class. They are instead the unemployed-class – often because of the economic travails which they are complaining about the financial industry’s complicity in creating, and brought about by ham-fisted government regulations. They are also the undergrad-class, protesting about the lack of future jobs that they would not be able to qualify for because they skipped too many classes while protesting the lack of them.

But “working-class” they are not.

Conclusion: Don’t worry your little pea-brains folks; you can still embarrass Obama by becoming the same oppressed mass that his policies are geared to save – using my money and your sense of privileged entitlement – that will eventually take down our nation. Keep your chins up, and keep those pointy sticks sharpened! We’ll all need them to stab bugs for dinner. And by “we” I mean you.

Headline: Chicago Denies ‘Occupy’ NATO Protest March

Article Synopsis:
Citing a lack of police to monitor the protest march route – which is identical to the one requested and granted for a protest the day before – Chicago officials rejected the Occupy request for a protest march against NATO. Occupy organizers claim shenanigans since the same route had been approved for the G-8 summit march the day before ... and before Obama upstaged the whole thing by moving it to Camp David.

What if They Held a Protest and There was No One to Gripe At: Whoda thunk it: politicians playing politics and in the process selling out their backers and supporters. Obama pulls G-8 out of Chicago when the Occupy slackers have a protest permit, and then Obama’s ex-chief of staff Emanuel denies a protest permit for the NATO summit the day after the G-8 protest had been side-stepped.

And why are unemployed not to mention unemployable rabble bothering to protest a military alliance when their sole purpose for existing in the first place is to agitate on behalf of “economic justice” that was denied them by the government they ignorantly believe can make it all better by adding regulations that throw economic justice into the toilet?

They protested Genetically Modified Organisms and agri-chemicals during their quick jaunt to St Louis, and they’re planning to protest the military alliance which brought down the socialist Soviet Empire without firing a shot ... and I suddenly see a plausible connection.

The underlying theme of the Occupy ninnies is socialism. China is moving capitalistward, and Cuba, North Korea and Bolivia are a peasant’s paradise of deep privation, while Venezuela is turning a petroleum windfall into a lotto winner’s recklessness. Face it, the Soviet Union was the last, best chance that dyed-in-the-wool socialists had to justify their cockamamie economic notions into a land o’ platitude-a-plenty. And they just had to be tricked into bankrupting themselves by that devil Reagan pushing a Star Wars foolishness which had no hope of working.

The Soviets fell to their own shell game played back at them.

And now what are latter-day Che wannabes supposed to do in order to have Mommy Government give them their due? They latched onto Obama who spoke [and still speaks] a good game, and is nonetheless driving his nation toward socialist ruin, but he sells out his most ardent socialist minions the first, and second, chance he gets.

Conclusion: Of course he sold out Occupy. Obama is first and foremost a politician, and his first job is looking out for himself, which means re-election. He has a country to run, but until it’s run into the ground he cannot refuse to abide by our country’s obligations. At least he pretends to, unlike those who squat petulant among their own junk food wrappers. Take a hint; get a job. At least leave those who have jobs alone while they work those jobs to pay the taxes which will give you your freebies. We know better than to expect gratitude; but silence would be nice.


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