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Friday, August 10, 2012

It’s All in the Wrist

It’s All in the Wrist
©2012 Ross Williams

Headline: Paterno Statue Removed

Article Synopsis:
Following a report by Clinton’s ex-FBI director Louis Freeh that Joe Paterno and three other athletic department administrators hid sex abuse allegations against a retired assistant football coach, Penn State University dismantled the statue of Joe Paterno, who died last year holding the most wins of any Division I football coach. NCAA – never one to miss an opportunity to exercise its power unilaterally and idiotically – has since “stripped” Paterno and Penn State of their football wins for 13 years, giving Bobby Bowden the record for winningest head coach. Bowden, coincidentally, was in favor of taking down the statue and NCAA sanctions, as was a group of thugs who hired a small plane to tow a banner around the campus threatening vandalism upon it if the university didn’t vandalize it first.

Dining on Roasted Scapegoat: The report cited as blaming Paterno, the athletic director, a retired university vice-president and president for complicity in the Jerry Sandusky Episode was penned by Louis Freeh, as incompetent an investigator as the FBI ever churned out. It was his leadership that bungled the investigations into the twin Waco and Ruby Ridge debacles of innuendo-based hyper-reaction which left dozens dead. He also personally covered up the Chinese government’s donations to the ’96 Clinton re-election campaign ... in violation of the federal laws he was supposed to be enforcing.

His directorship was implicated in the length of the Robert Hanssen spy case, which allowed years’ more secrets to be sent to Russia; the lynch mob mentality that hounded security guard Richard Jewel for years, even after the real Atlanta Olympics Bomber was caught; the nearly catastrophic delay into investigating Khobar Towers; the Los Alamos rush-to-judgment; and the procedural nullification of the FBI Crime Lab’s findings in TWA 800 that has since spawned countless conspiracy theories built upon an embarrassing and potentially damaging fact that the Clinton Administration did not want to have made public ... and so it was officially erased.

Freeh has a notorious habit of making the wrong conclusion when presented with facts, inventing facts to fit his conclusion, and dismissing the findings of others when they get in the way of the desires of those who paid him. He was a political hack wearing a badge.

The case he made against Paterno, specifically, was that he did not report Sandusky to anyone ... which was false, as the Freeh Report actually acknowledges. Paterno reported it to the University, which he was required to do. It was the University which deliberately did nothing with it.

Conclusion: Having Freeh look into the background of the Sandusky Deal was not the most circumspect of choices for “official investigator” here; I’ve gotta believe that Inspector Jacques Clouseau would have been a better option. At least Clouseau would have gotten the right answer at the end. Freeh, at best, batted .500 in his career – which is great for a baseball player, but for a cop ... it’s flipping coins.

Headline: Syria Threatens to Use Chemical Weapons if Attacked

Article Synopsis: The Syrian government issued a general threat to the rest of the world indicating it would use its chemical weapons against foreign forces inside its territory seeking to topple the government or assist the anti-government rebels. Syria indicated it would not use such weapons against its own people, only foreign military forces; it prefers to use bullets and tanks against Syrian civilians. Syria has been “suspected” by the worlds’ intelligence community of having such weapons for a little over a decade, though the revelation is a surprise to most. Obama is “concerned”.

I Hate Being Right All the Time: A little over a decade ago, when the Syrian government was “suspected” of acquiring chemical weapons, US Secretary of State Colin Powell was briefing the UN Security Council about the International Law violations being made by the Hussein government in Iraq.

Among the items being briefed was a steady supply of military trucks seen in satellite surveillance arriving at the warehouses that UN weapons inspectors had stored several thousand tons of Iraqi chemical weapons – mostly artillery shells – they had found, along with other contraband. These weapons were confiscated from Iraqi depots by the UN between early 1992 and late 1998, and were waiting for the United States and France to quit bickering over whose military contractor would get the contract to build the incinerator that would reduce these chemical weapons to microscopic ash.

The trucks seen in the spy satellite photos would line up at the [supposedly] locked UN warehouses in Iraq, have a flurry of activity around them for a time, and then drive to various other places. Among the places it was popular for these trucks to drive was the Syrian border.

In late 2002, when the UN weapons inspectors under the leadership of Hans Blix went back into Iraq, among the first places they looked was in those same warehouses that the UN had stored chemical weapons and other contraband just four years earlier. The warehouses were now empty, which was a surprise to no one, not even Blix who made special note of it in his reports to the UN Security Council.

What was somewhat surprising, however, was the popular conclusion arrived at by the world’s press and other idiot liberals: “See? Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction! There’s no reason for the US to invade!!”

Completely missing from this conclusion is the information from the first several chapters in the recent history of Iraq and Syria, the Baathist Brothers-in-arms: they should have had chemical weapons – because the UN found them and stored them for seven years. Seven. Years. And then they were gone ... like they never existed in the first place.

Conclusion: So ... just where did all those Iraqi chemical weapons end up, I wonder? I guess it shall forever remain a mystery.

Headline: ABC Apologizes for Tea Party/Massacre Link

Article Synopsis: The slaughter of 12 and wounding of 50 in Aurora Colorado by a gunman named James Holmes inspired ABC News’ Brian Ross to report that the Tea Party was either behind – or implicated – in the massacre. Their source? An online reference of a Jim Holmes of Aurora Colorado listing an affiliation with the Tea Party. After attempting to blame “social media” for the error, ABC News retracted their story.

When the Only Tool You Have is Innuendo: In the first few moments of a rapidly changing event where an individual is deliberately thrusting dozens or hundreds into tragedy, news media will scramble for every ounce of information they can get. A lot of it will be wrong, and almost everyone knows that. What most people will not remember, though, is which parts of those hazy first reports were incorrect. The media was informed that a person by the name of James Holmes – wearing a bulletproof vest and in possession of guns – had been arrested.

Most news agencies would start to ask questions about him: where was he from, why did he do it, had he left any notes ... that sorta thing.

ABC News, on the other hand, ... the same ABC News which has tried linking the Tea Party to the assassination attempt on Congressman Giffords, to various resurgent racisms, and a wide array of intemperances of lesser degree ... this ABC News’ first thought, rather than asking questions about the guy arrested, was to hit the internet to google ‘Colorado Tea Party’ to search for the name Jim/James Holmes.

And they found it on Facebook. So they reported it. Tea Party ... gunman ... massacre.

It’s a common enough name, it would undoubtedly appear in any phonebook, organization’s membership or company’s employee list, including ABC’s. There’s a James Holmes who works for my company, in fact. There are over 100 James Holmes listed with whitepages.com within 25 miles of my zipcode – though many are duplicates; on the first two pages [out of more than ten], I can count at least 8 unique. There are even two Ross Williams – in my zipcode, only one of whom is me. The other one is not, which may be lucky for one of us at some point.

I knew a Jim Holmes – two actually, a Jr and a Sr – growing up in New York. The Junior had cerebral palsy and is undoubtedly deceased by now, while the Senior was a high school shop teacher and outfielder/pitcher for the church softball teams for which I played second base or third base. I never once considered, though, that the Senior had moved to Colorado to shoot up a movie theater as an indictment of shop teachers or church league softball players. Because that would be psychotic of me; I don’t have the credentials to term my psychoses “journalism”.

Conclusion: ABC has long been accused of not practicing journalism, but instead perpetrating propaganda on behalf of its political -ism, which decries virtually all politics to the right of Karl Marx. When their first thought is to create a convenient link to a fiscally conservative group of small government Republicans who don’t even get along with “establishment” Republicans, and a link that would ultimately have to be retracted as the slanderous horseshit it was, should anyone still be disputing it?


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