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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easy Answers

Easy Answers
©2013  Ross Williams

Two things in the news within a few weeks of each other – and a few miles, as well.  First, a nutjob kills a few dozen children and teachers in Connecticut.  Second, some other nutjob kills three [thus far] and injures over 100 at the Boston Marathon.

In response to the first incident, the feeble-minded in our nation took it as all the excuse they needed to strike up the call to ban guns.  Again.  Even though doing so is prohibited.  Only a few people in this country own guns anymore – it used to be a requirement of survival, it’s now mostly a recreational activity – and the majority who don’t own guns have invented an endless supply of excuses why those who do cannot.  At least why they should not.  And it’s all perfectly reasonable to that majority.

Since they are, in fact, a majority and since we are, after all, a democracy … majority rules.  Right?  If the majority want something done a certain way, they are entitled to have it happen.


Wrong.  We are not a democracy; we are a constitutional democratic republic – with the emphasis on constitutional.  The majority can want anything they want, but unless the government is allowed by the limitations placed on it by the Constitution, the government cannot give the majority what they want.  There was a time when the majority wanted to vote blacks to the back of the bus – or worse.  And it was certain parts of the federal government which said that doing so would violate our rules.  That time is still remembered fairly keenly by those of a certain age.

There was a time when the majority wanted to vote gays back into the closet – or worse.  And we are being told by the courts as we speak that this is also not allowed by our rules.  Anyone older than 5 years of age, and who pays attention to what goes on around him, can remember that time.

Well, banning guns violates the same rules.  Those rules put a limit on what our government can do to us, or make us do for it.  We are allowed to own guns, period, and that right – to quote – “shall not be infringed”.

As it stands, anyone wishing to ban guns is taking the easy way out.  Don’t bother looking for reasons why someone would want to mow down a school room; that requires thinking.  Thinking is too much like work, and it makes our heads hurt besides.  Ban guns – **I** don’t need a gun, so therefore you don’t either. 

Anything you can do with a gun can be done countless other ways.  You don’t need to hunt for your meat; go to the grocery store like everyone else.  Home security? buy an alarm and put 9-1-1 on speed-dial.  That’s what the cops are for, in case you forgot.  Problem solved.

But reality is pesky.  For every shooting in this country, there are three knifings … if statistics are anything to go on.  Where is the call to ban knives?  We don’t need knives in this day and age.  Everything you can do with a knife, from the butter knife in your flatware set, to the various knives in your tool chest or on your keychain, are unnecessary.

Wanna spread butter?  we have spray butter.  Peanut butter? it now comes pre-sandwiched.

Wanna cut that steak?  you’re a snob; buy hamburger.

Need to cut a string?  fingernail clippers.  Paper? fold it, zip it, tear it.

There is no specific need for a knife, ever, anywhere.  Yet we all have knives, and every single one of us trusts ourselves – more or less – with the knives we have.  So even though knifings outnumber shootings by three-to-one, we will never hear a call to ban knives.  It would … it would … affect ME!!  Laws are meant for other people to obey.  Not me.  Never me.

Anyone who’s read [and understood] what I’ve written knows my feelings on these types of things.  Freedom is messy and our definition of government guarantees us freedom.

Therefore, we are guaranteed a mess.  Thanks a lot, Founding Fathers.  Mostly a political mess, but often a public mess as well.  Newtown Connecticut, Aurora Colorado and Boston Massachusetts were all a public mess ending in political mess.  Arncha glad you’re free?

Those who don’t want freedom for others – and therefore themselves, ultimately – are demanding a limit upon others’ guaranteed freedoms … because taking away freedom has always made things better.  And the best part is, no one needs to use their brains about it.

So here’s the solution to the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  Few people run unless they’re being chased, so we’ve already got the majority vote here.  To eliminate the impulse to plant bombs at the finish lines of marathons … outlaw marathons.  I can predict, with zero chance of being wrong, that there will never, ever, ever be another bombing at another marathon.  Problem solved.

See how easy that was?

My brain was tied behind my back.  I feel so … liberal.


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