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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

None Of The Above

None Of The Above
©2016  Ross Williams

The presidential election of 2012 had almost 80 million votes cast, divided across the two major party candidates and the scads of third party nebishes.  This may seem like a lot of voters, but in a nation which has nearly 300 million voting-age citizens, it's just over 25%.

After it was over, the republican party did their best impression of a self-pitying, petulant teenager lamenting why so many registered republican voters didn't show up to vote for Romney.  Those missing voters said, "You gave us the candidate you wanted but we didn't."  The republican party scoffed, "Of course you wanted him.  We picked him out just for you."

The republican party has lost ten million voters since the coronation of King Barry Hussein in '08, for one primary reason: republican voters have given republicans a majority in Congress in every election cycle since Barry took the leather chair for the purpose of stopping his top-down imperial authoritarianism, and the republican majority in Congress never even tried.

The republican party establishment kept whining, "but he'll only use a veto to negate it and we don't have the votes to override."

Not the point, you flatulent jackasses.  You didn't even TRY.  The more time Congress spends passing bills heading to a veto, the less time Congress would have had to dither and concede on Barry Hussein's other poisonous legislation, and it would at least have slowed his megalomania down some.  There's a strategy to effective controlled retreat as any decent book on military doctrine could tell you.

The republican party has furthermore lost thirty million voters between the Reagan re-election and the Barry Hussein coronation, due entirely to the republican party being slowly swallowed by religious tight-assery.  During the election of 1980, Reagan was endorsed by a fledgling grassroots political outfit calling themselves — ironically enough —the Moral Majority.  Reagan, who was running against the bumbling moron Jimmuh Cahtuh in '80 didn't exactly need the Moral Majority's help, but what the heck.

The Moral Majority's founder, Jerry Falwell, was a common fixture in the Reagan White House during that first term.  In 1984 Reagan was re-elected and Reagan, who never had a real need for self-righteous blowhards, stopped taking Falwell's phone calls.

Falwell reacted exactly like the self-important simpleton he was, and insinuated his political movement into the republican party and slowly, line by line, reworked the republican party platform from a conservative position into a religious tight-ass position.  Many believe the Moral Majority dissolved in the late 80s or early 90s, but it didn't.  Like ACORN, it simply rebranded itself into many smaller groups all holding the same "personal is political" perspective, and all working to obliterate republican conservatism and replace it with religious tight-assery.

Interestingly enough, in a "black is the new white" and "up is the new down" manner,  the republican party platform is still called "conservative".  Political conservatism, however, means fiscal restraint.  Classical conservatism was just as likely to abuse the constitutional limitation of government power on social feel-good legislation [and significantly more likely, in fact] than its democrat contemporaries, but only to the degree the money to pay for it existed in cold, hard cash — and conservatives weren't willing to raise taxes in order to get more cash.  Many republicans of the classical conservative era were famously liberal.  Nixon and Rockefeller come to mind.

A breed of democrat called "pay-as-you-go" felt largely the same way: abuse government power any way you want, but don't spend more money than you have in your pocket.  Republicans and pay-as-you-go democrats grew up during the Depression.

A second breed of democrat who came to age after the war were called tax-and-spend liberals.  Their political ambitions were to abuse government power in much the same ways as conservative republicans and pay-as-you-go democrats, but they felt limiting the abusive government to the amount of cash on hand was a stupid limitation.  They wanted to raise taxes, and not simply raise taxes, but borrow as much money as they could possibly borrow, even if they had to accept usury rates to do it.  And usury rates it was.

Which led us to Carter and his famous Misery Index which he largely brought upon himself by being an insufferable boob.  Carter's boobery then led to Reagan, which led to the Moral Majority endorsing Reagan.   Reagan's indifference to theogogues  led to him dumping the Moral Majority in '85 like a cheap hooker, which led to the cheap hooker infecting the republican party platform with self-righteous religious tight-assery and completely redefining what it means to be conservative.

And because the republican party has spent the bulk of its domestic efforts between 1985 and the coronation of Barry Hussein in a [thankfully] unsuccessful attempt to rework the US into a quasi-theocracy, spending as much money as possible in order to ensure that the nation is made constipated, another 30 million republican voters, in that nearly three decades, have quietly and disgustedly exited the party through the back door.

There are forty million ex-republicans simmering and steaming on the sidelines, having avoided the voting booth for five, ten, thirty years, saddened by what their party has turned into and sickened by how their party refuses to act in the interest of those who continue to vote for it.  And then along comes Trump, who does well in early primaries.  This surprises many long-time political observers, in the republican party and otherwise, only proving that — for observers — they are surprisingly unobservant.

Republican party leaders wet their panties, "He's in the Clinton's social circle and has donated millions to democrats!!  He's really a democrat!"  And republicans have spent the entire Obama administration caving in to every move the democrats made, and refusing to put up even token resistance when they were given Congressional majorities in both houses; for all practical purposes they are democrats, too.

The republican party leaders stammer, "But … but … but …Trump isn't even conservative!"  And this is meant to dissuade how many of the forty million voters the republican party spurned over the last three decades, most of whom left because the party completely redefined conservatism?  I see zero.  If the republican establishment was attempting to convince zero of their ex-voters to come back and not vote for Trump but vote, instead, for any of the gaggle of troglodytic candidates put up by the party this time around, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

So far, the republicans haven't made a single argument as to why Trump shouldn't collect the most votes in republican primaries.  Let's see if the democrats can do any better in positioning themselves for the general election.

Democrats scoff, "Trump is a fascist!  He is an authoritarian fascist!!"  Well, … he is a democrat, after all, so that would stand to reason.  You don't enforce Obamacare, for example, without massive police-state apparatus using layer upon layer of bureaucratic imposition.

Democrats sneer, "Trump is only a reality TV celebrity!!"  Exactly the same type of celebrity that democrats turn to when they need to know what kind of political policies to chase after.

Democrats mock, "Trump is a racist!!  He wants to build a wall to keep immigrants out!!"  First, it's to keep illegal immigrants out, and Barry Hussein's administration has made the eVerify program mandatory  for all employers, not simply defense contractors, in order to prevent those same illegal immigrants from getting jobs once they get here.

Democrats chide, "…and Trump isn't even a real businessman.  He's had a dozen [of his hundreds] of businesses go bankrupt!"  And each and every government agency, operating thousands of government programs, are all and invariably bankrupt, not the least of which are the myriad social programs that all the illegal immigrants — after being unable to get jobs because the racist eVerify program Barry Hussein made mandatory won't permit it — will pay to continue to live here illegally.

The presidential election of 2012 drew out only 80 million votes from the roughly 300 million possible voters in this country.  There's over 200 million non- or sometime-voters flying under everyone's radar.  These people don't like democrats; if they did they'd have voted for them.  They don't like republicans; if they did they'd have voted for them.

These rare voters get calls from pollsters asking about their current political opinions, but their opinions are thrown away because they come from individuals "unlikely to vote" and thus nobody knows what they think about the issues or the candidates.

Except, as we've seen, those unlikely to vote are exactly those who have been voting in the republican primaries.  There is no reason, at this point, to assume that won't also be the case in November, drawing tens of millions from the over 200 million reserve voters, most of whom don't like either party.

Millions of voters from the forty million ex-republicans have been voting for Trump in record numbers to punish the republican party for being arrogant and self-serving.  Trump is now the only one left capable of being the republican candidate in November.  Expect more tens of millions of sometime-voters to pull the lever for Trump to punish both parties for being arrogant and self-serving.

Trump is the personification of None Of The Above.  American voters have demanded this candidate for decades.  They will now have one on the ballot.

Trump, in a landslide, an embarrassing, mortifying landslide.  Two-thirds or more of the popular vote.

Oh, and ... what it will do to the country?  Why does it matter now?  Neither democrats nor republicans seemed to care what happened to the country when they were the ones doing it. 


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