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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dark Age Hither

Reaping What Was Sown
©2011 Ross Williams

Headline: US Scrambles as Israeli Ties with Allies Erode

Article Synopsis:
Turkey has expelled the Israeli Ambassador in part because Israel intercepted a Turkish ship bound for Gaza several months ago carrying weapons to Hamas Palestinians; these Palestinians are using Egyptian territory to stage raids on Israel using Turkish weapons and when Israel returned fire three Egyptian soldiers were killed. The Sinai Peace Treaty may fold under pressure from “radical elements” in Egypt, where the Israeli Embassy was attacked. Saudi Arabia is maneuvering. “This is going to be a bad week for Israel.” It will also be bad for US influence.

Be careful what you ask for, Part I: Our credibility in the Middle East is built upon Israel kicking ass and us standing behind them looking like a proud papa. Our other friends in the area don’t particularly like Israel, but put up with it because, first, Israel can kick their ass more or less easily and, second, we’ll sell them all kinds of cool weapons on the condition that they leave Israel alone.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan are all pretty much looking at us to determine how they should treat Israel. When these countries watch the US over the last two years auger Israel a new ass hole, they may just decide to pile on, as they are in fact doing. Add to it that we couldn’t wait to throw Our Man Hosni under the first bus we could find, leaving Egypt in the hands of who knows who.

Actually we do know who, and it is Muslim Brotherhood, the United Way of pan-islamist hooliganism.

Turkey was caught running guns to Gaza hotheads and is now in the process of changing their diplomatic stance with Israel. Egypt has allowed Gaza hotheads to use Egyptian territory to raid Israel and is not really all that concerned about who attacked Israel’s Embassy in Cairo. The Saudis are attempting to circumvent the long-standing US position of direct talks between Palestinians and Israelis as the means of a peace settlement by getting the UN General Assembly to compel a Palestinian state into being.

Jordan? You’re the last friendly shoe. Fall if you’re gonna.

Conclusion: What did we expect to happen when we started selling out our friends?

Headline: New Al Qaida Head Hails ‘Arab Spring’, Says US Losing

Article Synopsis:
Ayman al-Zawahri blessed the revolutions occurring in half the nations of Greater Islamia while ‘analysts’ noted that al Qaida has had virtually no involvement with any of them. Bin Laden made a cameo appearance denouncing American corporate tyranny.

Be careful what you ask for, Part II: We have successfully put a once-friendly Egypt into the hands of Muslim Brotherhood and our friend Saudi Arabia scolded us for throwing our regional allies under the bus; we’ve ignored the revolt in Syria where the only direction a new Syria could possibly go is ours; Khadafy has been resting on his laurels for most of the last 20 years and so of course we help the Libyan tribes – most of whom are involved with one or more pan-islamist outfits – overthrow him.

We have publically denounced our only good friend in the area, Israel, for being ... like ... Israel, or something.

Saudi Arabia, seeing what we did to Egypt [not to mention Israel], is going behind our back to the UN. ... to help the Palestinians, who are deeply involved with pan-islamist hooligans, position themselves against Israel.

And the only thing ‘analysts’ can see is that al Qaida isn’t involved with any of it?

Doc Ayman is Egyptian. He is an ex-honcho of Islamic Jihad, an Egyptian-based pan-islamist mob. Islamic Jihad is one of the gangs fathered by Muslim Brotherhood, the prime influence-peddler of the Egyptian revolution ... that Obama couldn’t wait to applaud for overthrowing our ally. Pan-islamist outfits are notoriously fluid in their memberships, and all are “al Qaida-related” by sympathies, payrolls, and objectives.

The objective of theocratic pan-islamism is to propel Islam into world domination; the objective of political pan-islamism is to propel a political islamist onto the throne. Theocratic pan-islamism is a tool of political pan-islamists who don’t care how they get power as long as it’s theirs. Far too many westerners refuse to understand this, believing that such Machiavellian cynicism is beyond their simple Arab minds.

Conclusion: The arrogance is astounding. Or maybe what’s astounding is the ignorance. In either event, al Zawahri has much to be smug about. He can be smug because he’s largely correct.

Headline: Merkel Warns on Greece

Article Synopsis:
Greece is broke and is owned by French and German banks that have bailed out Greece repeatedly for over a year. German voters are tired of their taxes going to prop up the Greeks who spend money on what they want rather than on what they need, and are demanding that Germany stop. Merkel is afraid of a chain reaction default that would take down the entire continent. Prominent nations a few paces behind Greece are Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Iceland. China has discussed buying some debt but appears to prefer snickering on the sidelines.

Be careful what you ask for, Part III: Europe is about fifteen, maybe twenty, years ahead of the US on this rosy ride into receivership. For the same reason that the demise of the Soviet Union left the world with the US as the lone superpower, the default of Europe and the US would leave the world with one predominant culture: eastern.

Oh, sure, Japan, Canukia and Australia would remain as the world’s Western standard-bearers, by which I mean Australia would remain. Japan would re-adopt their eastern sensibilities without skipping a beat, and Canuckia would fold like a cheap card table. Australia is not enough to hang the entire Western cultural hat on.

While there is much to admire about eastern culture – it’s abiding patience and long view of history, to name just two – there is much that will be lost in losing Western Civilization ... besides a mandatory 9th grade history class. Political separation from religion, for one: we learned how to do it, albeit slowly over several centuries. The East hasn’t unless religion is obliterated altogether; where both religion and politics exist, they are the same.

Rough gender equality, as well. For all the claims of sexism rampant in western nations, I’ll guarantee the shrieking feminists would be lined up for a good stoning when the New Regime enters. That or be sold into sexual slavery. How’s being called ‘girl’ sound to you, now, girls?

Marginalization of ethno-racial difference. Boo hoo hoo, The West refuses to promote static diversity; we also don’t have tribal wars, either. It’s not a coincidence and frankly, it’s progress. So the Burgundians aren’t a recognized ethnicity any longer. They left their wine; that’s all we need from them.

Political philosophy based on the Rights of Man rather than on one form or another of dictatorship. Where would you rather live: in a nation where you have to convince the politicians that black citizens need to be treated the same as the white citizens in power? or in a nation where you have to convince the politicians that any citizens get to be treated the same as those in power ... of any color? The latter is the historical standard. It’s also the Eastern standard.

Western civilization certainly doesn’t have all the answers, but it has been mostly a benefit to anyone who’s lived with it and under it. And it’s all being jeopardized because some people’s sympathies are bigger than their [and everyone else’s] wallets. Either the free rides are over, or it’s mud shacks for all.

Hello Dark Ages my old friend
We’ve come to live in you again
Because our debt’s been quickly creeping
From “progressive” politicians’ weeping
About the profits of the wealthy when they dared to succeed
It’s only greed
They took it all for fairness


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