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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Run-Up Run Down

Run-Up Run Down
©2012 Ross Williams

Headline: Texas Threatens to Prosecute Election Observers

Article Synopsis: A western-democracy alliance, which includes the United States, routinely monitors their own and other member states’ elections; US elections have been monitored since ’02 by this group, which has recently issued an opinion that Voter ID laws inhibit fair elections. Texas has a voter ID law that has been waylaid by Justice Department action and doesn’t think much of any outside opinions of their laws; they have reminded the group that they are obliged to follow Texas election laws while in their state and will prosecute all violators. Texas also declared that any UN election observers will be detained on sight. Texas’s main objection stems from the observer group getting coached by the plaintiffs in the lawsuits against their Voter ID law. Only states with such laws currently in the court system seem to be getting observed, but South Carolina isn’t as upset as Texas is.

Looking Gift Horses in the Mouth: Voter fraud is rampant. Only those committing it, or those benefiting from it, deny this. The major form of denial goes thus: “...so how come we never see anyone convicted of it?

The answer is, of course, we do ... and so would they as well if they chose to look. But they don’t, because it’s a gift horse.

There are, naturally, Republicans who construct elaborate vote fraud mechanisms, and a few of them have been caught at it – a Republican voter registration worker was arrested last week for throwing away a little more than a dozen voter registration forms submitted by those who were [let’s face it] about 120% likely to vote Democrat. But by far the major culprit behind vote fraud in our current political climate is Democrats and their auxiliaries.

Nobody could hold a candle to ACORN for registering voters multiple times, their dead grandfathers and pet dogs. ACORN has been decertified as a voter registration service, and though their other services [e.g., creating pimping and prostitution business plans] were left untouched, ACORN disbanded itself and simply renamed their offices a thousand other cute acronyms. Their previous activities continue, but now when investigators find one committing voter fraud, only that one can be shut down. The rest are “unaffiliated”.

Decentralization has benefits to those who seek centralized control. You’d think they’d take a lesson from that.

Conclusion: In every election since I’ve lived in Illinois, a city near mine is discovered to have a double-digit percentage of the votes cast in that city consisting of dead people, nonexistent people, and even the odd pet dog – and I cannot for the life of me figure out why unless it’s the presidential election. And even then it doesn’t make sense: Illinois is solidly Democrat and so is this city. In any event, it is this form of vote fraud that Voter ID laws would address. But since we don’t have Voter ID laws, people in East St Louis and Chicago don’t need to fear being found out: the inspectors are going elsewhere.

Headline: Criminal Probe into Vote Fraud Scheme

Article Synopsis: The son of a northern Virginia Democrat Congressman was caught on video tape giving advice to someone on how to vote illegally; this son was in charge of his father’s campaign “field director”. The son, Patrick Moran, has resigned his position and has been declared persona non grata at all Democrat party campaign headquarters in the area. The videographer is the same one who caught ACORN advising a client on how to set up a prostitution ring. Congressman Moran is one of two Virginia Democrats demanding criminal investigations into the Republican voter registrar who threw away around a dozen voter registrations from future Democrat voters.

Live by the Fraud, Die by the Fraud: The scheme proposed by the videographer is not a new one: find someone in a district who is not voting, and take their place. It is arguably a larger fraud issue than dead relatives and pet dogs. He proposed to the Junior Moran that he would replace 100 people, if only he knew how to do it.

Apparently he came to the right guy, because after initial “hesitation” he advised the sting-man – in some amount of detail – on how to create fake utility bills with which to establish residency at the polling place, and to impersonate poll workers over the phone to ensure that the person he’d be voting for hasn’t already voted. ...which would be a dead give-away. It’s fine if the veal voter shows up second because he’ll have a photo ID to demonstrate he is who he is. But if the fraudulent voter is the second one to arrive and doesn’t have a photo ID to match the name he’s voting under, the jig is up.

The younger Moran claims he was “playing along” because the sting-man was “unstable”, but it was only after being told how the fraudulent votes would be cast that he opened up on how to do it.

Conclusion: ...but, yes, laws requiring photo ID are the bad guy in all this. Because ... it wouldn’t ensure that votes aren’t fraudulent. Wait, no, that came out wrong: because ... it would ensure that votes are fraudulent. Hmmm ... help me out here, Democrats ... why don’t you want fair elections again?

Headline: Two Billion Spent on Presidential Campaign

Article Synopsis: Neither candidate chose to accept public funds for their campaigning which unshackles their campaign from spending limits; in 2008 only Obama declined to accept federal funding, and thus outspent McCain by 2:1. A lot of numbers are tossed around only to end up at the bottom of the tally-sheet with both candidates having collected, in their various allowable campaign sectors, a roughly equal amount of this obscene amount.

Money Must Grow on Democrat Trees: We all know – because we’ve been told so often, and it must be correct otherwise they wouldn’t be telling us so often – that Republicans are the party of the obscenely rich. If you have two dimes to rub together in hopes of breeding pennies, then you’re a Republican; if you don’t, well, you’re a Democrat who’s been abused by the abusive abuses of the abusing Republicans.

It’s obvious where Romney has gotten his campaign contributions; it’s the gold dust swept up from the 1% CEO’s vaults. But Obama? None of those who’d vote for him have any to give. They all wish to be the famed fatcat Tom Joad, who left Oklahoma for California in his flivver at the end of The Grapes of Wrath musing pretentiously, sanctimoniously, bombastically, and – as we may thus surmise – Republicanly, for Joad was rich by comparison.

So where’d Obama get his booty, then? Hollywood’s limousine liberals can’t hold a candle to rapacious CEOs, not to mention, we’re finding out that Hollywood isn’t necessarily as liberal as it was thought to be.

Democrats are notoriously bad at math yet they can raise political swag equivalent to [or in excess of] the “big money” competition ... but Democrats don’t have any to give. And there are no Democrat organizations which have any money either, since they are made up of Democrats with turned-out pockets.

Either Democrats have institutional investors behind them [such as labor unions, the American Trial Loyyers Association, the media, and financial industries] just like they continual accuse Republicans of having all to themselves, or it’s a modern version of the miracle of the loaves and fishes: the typical 2+2=22 explanation of Democrat policy-making.

Conclusion: $2billion spent and all we’re getting is a $400,000 president out of it. Doesn’t seem really worth it ... by four orders of magnitude.


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