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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Arab Spring Allergies

Arab Spring Allergies
©2011 Ross Williams

Headline: Afghanistan Would Back Pakistan Against US

Article Synopsis:
Hand-picked by the State Department, Afghan President Karzai says that if the US attacks Pakistan he would urge Afghanistan to back their muslim brothers. Pakistan is being used by muslim hotheads and the Taliban to stage raids into Afghanistan against Afghan political targets and NATO military targets.

The Writing on the Wall, part I: The US has been making increased attacks in Pakistan for over three years now due to Pakistan’s inability – or unwillingness – to interdict the Taliban raids on Afghanistan. The Taliban and the remnants of al Qaida live, work and operate in Pakistan virtually unmolested except by the US, and Pakistan doesn’t like it when the US is better at cleaning up Pakistan than Pakistan itself.

Pakistan has complained multiple times about the US invading its territory to hit Taliban targets. And while the territory is indeed part of Pakistan when looking at a map, the fact that they are not controlling it means, when looking at the centuries of International Law, that for all practical purposes it does not belong to Pakistan. It belongs to the Taliban, and Pakistan has no business complaining.

...unless they are truly allied with the Taliban, and the Taliban acts with Pakistani grace.

Pakistan was the only nation to have officially recognized the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan from 1995 until they were deposed by NATO forces in late 2001 when they were scattered into the Hindu Kush. To assume that there is no affection remaining is naïve.

It is even more naïve to assume that a tribalist mindset 5,000 years in the making which sees “The West” as little more than a last resort to be taken for immediate gratification and then thrown away can be changed by a mere decade of baubles and cajolery. They will side with their own against outsiders almost every chance they get.

Conclusion: Karzai got what he wanted: political power. Now he doesn’t care who’s on his team as long as he gets to keep it. The US is pulling out of Iraq – he knew that was coming. The US will one day pull out of Afghanistan – he knows that’s coming too. He knows that Iran will pull Iraqi strings after the US leaves. He knows that the Taliban will pull his when NATO leaves. He’s just being prudent; he has a political power-base to look after, and he can’t be worried about a trifling thing like “terrorism” and who is blowing up whom.

Headline: New Libyan Leader Calls for Sharia

Article Synopsis:
The leader of Libya’s “transitional government”, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, in the wake of Muammar Khadafy’s death, has declared that all Libyans would enjoy a nation free from further tyranny by imposing Islamic Law. Obama congratulated the new Libya. The UN wants to investigate the death of Khadafy to see it he was executed.

The Writing on the Wall, part II: Libya is composed of a handful of tribal alliances all of whom hate each other and all but one of which can only agree that they hated Khadafy even more than they hate each other. The revolt in Libya was a tribal conflict and little more; democracy, let alone any other western enlightenment, was not the basis for this – or any other – portion of the self-delusional “Arab Spring”.

All the tribal affiliations in Libya – including Khadafy’s own – are connected with one or more of the pan-islamist philosophies that are all “al Qaida-related” by sympathies, payrolls, and objectives. Khadafy dropped his outright alliance with terrorism mainly due to having his house bombed by Reagan. Being a power-hungry megalomaniac had an upper limit even for him, it would seem.

For the New Libya to announce that they will embrace Islamic Law with a kiss on the mouth should not be a surprise to anyone... who understands what is currently happening. This includes me, but excludes most of our current government which cannot stop endlessly praising Arabs and near-Arabs for throwing over their tyrants by popular will.

Conclusion: A nation run by Sharia is a nation devoted to anti-western sentiments. A nation devoted to anti-western sentiments is a nation that will breed pan-islamist yahoory. And, kind, considerate us that we are, we helped them get there.

Headline: Strong Islamist Vote in Tunisian Elections

Article Synopsis:
Tunisia held its first “real” election within hours of the death of Khadafy just over the border. A reported 90% of the eligible voters turned up, and there are indications that “islamist” votes are going to be the vast majority. Of the Islamist parties running for parliament – which are all of them – the Ennahda party is the most moderate; analysts are expecting the Ennahda party to hold the most seats. Regardless of the outcome, Ennahda says it will form a coalition government with all other parties, thus ensuring militant pan-islamists ruling Tunisia. The Carter Center is among the Western observers in attendance.

The Writing on the Wall, part III: The trend-setter for the idiotically ballyhooed “Arab Spring” was, of course, Tunisia. Its pro-western, secular government was considered “repressive” by the same type of poli-sci nitwit who considers curfews and bedtimes parental tyranny. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a teenager who has school the next day, or citizens who are hell-bent on revolution in order to impose a theocratic regime; if the government doesn’t give them the freedom to rebel, fail World History, or burn down the King’s palace, you’re a brutal dictator.

The sheer numbers of people who failed World History are staggering: it’s 1979 Iran all over again. Without the Ayatollah. The main reason the Shah was “repressive” was because for twenty-five years he was being targeted for assassination and his government was targeted for revolution by that portion of the Shi’a population which wanted a theocratic dictatorship under Sharia rule. The Shah repressed those who wanted to assassinate him and start a revolution. By which I mean: he didn’t let them do it. Then Jimmy Carter got elected US President, and since the US was Iran’s best friend, when Carter told the Shah, “Y’know, Reza ... maybe they wouldn’t want to assassinate you if you were nicer to them...”, and three years later the Shah had to hightail it for exile in Los Angeles.

But that ploy was universally frowned upon by The West, and even caused worry-wart Jimmuh to wring his hands and wrinkle his brow over it. Greater Islamia seems to have learned a lesson in the last 32 years: if you want to install a muslim theocracy, with its nonpareil dictatorship and requisite repression of women, minorities, and other religions, non-religions and indeed everyone not in the ruling crowd, then first jabber about the prior regime’s despotism, claim some vague democratic ideals for after the revolt succeeds, and then hold an election where the only people running for office are those who want to install a theocratic dictatorship. Saying the right words goes a long way in doing the wrong thing, particularly to westerners who failed World History.

Hey, if the majority votes for a dictatorship, then it’s democracy. Right?

And Jimmy Carter is there to ensure it all goes smoothly.

Conclusion: The “Arab Spring” is looking more and more like the Winter of Western Discontent. Muslim theocracies are multiplying like bunnies.


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